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Like all custom clothing made by our tailors, custom overcoats are made with the use of paper patterns unique to each client’s measurements. Using this technique assures the perfect fit for your body.

Custom Men keeps a wide selection of sample coats to help clients determine their preference in the coats fine details. Our custom overcoats come in many styles including traditional full length, 3/4 and waist length, pea coats, polo coats, and many more styles.

We carry an extensive range of overcoat fabrics: fine wool, cashmere, flannels, alpaca, camel hair, and angora. These are only some of the coating options available to you, guaranteed to compliment any suit you currently own or will order at Custom Men. You can choose between a variety of different weights up to a remarkably heavy nineteen ounces. You are guaranteed the greatest warmth and style even during New York’s coldest days.

A Custom Overcoat is a must-have item for all gentlemen during the cooler months of the year. With a Custom Overcoat or Men’s Double Breasted Overcoat tailored by Custom Men, you’ll heat things up even in the cold of winter with a high-impact visual style.

Weather the winter with a custom overcoat or top coat that is custom fit to your body

Amazing Value: custom top coats for often less than off-rack (custom overcoats from $1295)
Fine Italian & Scottish Fabrics: pure cashmere or wool-cashmere blends.
Expert Tailoring: a perfect fit, in-house master tailor, and individual patterns kept on file.
In-Store Experience: See finished garments and be fitted by a master tailor in our showroom

What Matters in a Custom Overcoat

Details that Make A Difference