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Custom Men to offer Ermenegildo Zegna fabrics for custom-made suits

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The high-end custom-suit maker, Custom Men, has announced that it will include Ermenegildo Zegna’s Limited Edition Centennial collection of fabrics in its inventory as early as January 2011. The Manhattan-based tailor will carry this material both in its 57th Street showroom and on its website.
Proprietor Vijay Tharwani, 30, is enthused to add the Limited Edition Zegna line to his already exclusive selection.
“Zegna is a very fine Italian designer who only chooses the best cloth in the world,” Tharwani says. “Some of the more expensive suits are made out of his cloth. In the new year, we will have these fabrics on line.”
This marriage of detail-minded tailor and exquisitely particular designer seems to be a match made in heaven for the discerning man who is passionate about a well-made suit.  Both parties attribute their well-respected reputations to their predecessors -- generations of fashion experts.
Family-owned Zegna is one of Italy’s most famous and esteemed brands, and similarly valued Custom Men specializes in tailoring high-quality suits for those men who may not adapt easily to an off-the-rack selection.

“I also have cloth by the designers [Giorgio] Armani and Oscar Dela Renta,” Tharwani adds.  “We have a very good relation with the fabric houses that provide these designer fabrics. They know the kind of customers we have, and they know the kind of work we do. They prefer not to sell these fabrics to everybody, only to a few dealers like us.”

“People just love these fabrics. They may buy them from the Zegna boutique on Fifth Avenue. They pay maybe $2,000 per suit off the rack, but I can make them custom suits for actually less than that price, perhaps $1500 or $1800.”
Tharwani, originally from Bombay and a graduate of FIT, descends from a long line of tailors. He is determined to take the family business into the digital age. His service allows cyber shoppers to receive the same personalized and detailed attention that they would get if they were physically in the showroom, with just as many choices.

“Shopping on line makes it very convenient for a customer to shop,” he says. “He doesn’t have to be present at my showroom in Manhattan. He can take his time and do it at home, let’s say eleven at night when my shop is closed. He can take his time and go through all the little details, like whether he wants pleated pants or flat-front pants; if he wants the two-button front or a three-button front jacket; center, none or side vents in the back; notch  lapels or peak lapels.”

Tharwani is quick to educate his consumer about the finer points of men’s suits. 
He says, “People just think a suit is a suit, but they don’t know that there are so many things that can be customized in one single suit. And  when you see all these options in front of you or on-line -- how the time passes by, no one even realizes. So when a customer comes here, say on a lunch break, they only have half an hour; they don’t have all the time in the world. They just come to pick out a few fabrics and depend on the tailor’s opinion and the tailor’s expertise. And if they are at home, they have a wife or a girlfriend who is also discussing with them what color and what style would look good on him. That makes it more convenient for the customer to shop.”

Be it in person or on-line, Tharwani feels that he gives his customer a little something extra.
“What makes my line stand apart is details,” he says. “I’m all about details. Besides the fit, which is the main reason customers come to get a custom suit done, they also look at the workmanship and the quality and the fine details that the suit has, which speaks for itself. You don’t have to tell a person, ‘Oh, I’m wearing a custom suit.’ It just speaks for itself.”

  Tharwani also pays special attention to the suit of the moment, and what seems to be the new favorite look among his customers. 
“The growing trend is slim fit,” he says. “Everybody wants to look leaner and skinnier. Back in the day, it used to be more like a broad shoulder look. Men used to wear shoulder pads like a football player and pleated pants. Nowadays, nobody wants that. Men want more of a two-button trim-fit look with high armholes, pinched in waist and flat front pants, like Daniel Craig in James Bond.”
Tharwani also stresses the value of quality above quantity.

He says, “I always tell a customer, it’s better to have one good suit than three suits that are ill-fitting and which will send the wrong signal. So, for instance, if you are going for a job interview in a law firm, or in an investment banking company, you are not going to wear a suit that is too loud or too pronounced. That will send wrong signals to whoever is doing the job interview. They may not hire you. On the other hand, if the suit fits well, and if it has the fine details like hand-stitching on the lapel, and working button-holes on the sleeves, you are going to blend in right away, especially if they are wearing similar kinds of clothes, which they most probably would be. They will get the idea that you are a perfect fit for the company.”
Tharwani hedges his future on perfect fit, and makes it his business to match customer to this kind of consistent precision.
“Whatever the request, we meet them, and that’s what keeps us separate from the other custom tailors,” he says. “Some tailors like working only on classic-styled suits, and they dress the customer the way they dress. Sometimes you don’t have to dress a customer the way you dress. You have to listen to him and see what he likes, and write the measurements the way he wants for the suit to come out. He has a picture in his mind; if you help him create that picture, the customer is yours! And that’s what many of my customers do. They bring a sketch or a print out of a suit they have in mind. I make sure that’s the way their suit should look, and exceed their expectations. If you do that, he will never go anywhere else. He becomes your customer for life.”

For a closer look at Custom Men, go to Custommen.com

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Custom Men to offer Ermenegildo Zegna fabrics for custom-made suits

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