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Hand-Cut Garments Made by Our NYC Custom Tailors

At Custom Men, we’ve been designing and hand-tailoring clothing since 1996. Our attention to detail using the traditional tricks of the trade has made our garments some of the best in New York City. With our custom clothing, everything is gauged exactly to your measurements. Our clothing is hand-cut with care, making us a cut above the rest! Each of our NYC custom tailors has at least 10 years of experience.

We offer the following types of custom clothing:

  • Custom suits - Why waste money paying for a suit that wasn’t specifically designed for you? At Custom Men, we can also craft a brand-new suit to fit your modern taste and your exact measurements. You can add special stitching and other customized features for that extra touch of class.
  • Bespoke suits - Our bespoke suits are made by scratch by our expert tailors. Bespoke suits offer the highest level of customization, which means they provide the very best fit.
  • Custom dress shirts - Are you having a hard time finding a dress shirt that fits you right? Sometimes the style you love has sleeves that are too short or a collar that’s a little too snug, and so on. We can custom-make the perfect dress shirt for you!
  • Custom jackets and blazers - At Custom Men, you can choose exactly how you want your suit jacket or blazer to look and fit. You can select your lapel size, decide whether you want your jacket to be single-breasted or double-breasted, choose the fabric, etc.
  • Custom overcoats - Looking to get an overcoat to match your suit? We have a selection of the highest-quality fabrics and other materials to get your look precisely as you envision it.
  • Custom tuxedos - Tuxedos require special attention since they’re for special occasions. Our tailors at Custom Men will take a great deal of care to create a tuxedo for you that perfectly matches your measurements and style preferences.
  • Custom jeans, casual pants / khakis - We design and create various types of jeans and casual pants that offer both style and comfort. You’ll no longer have to worry about hunting down the right pair of pants in the stores!
  • Custom women's clothing - Our services are not just for men. We create custom clothing for women, too! We offer women’s suits, dresses, skirts, and more.

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Why Choose Us

  • No one has the fabric selection that we offer.
  • We have some of the fastest turnaround times for custom suits in the city.
  • Custom suits starting at $899
  • Custom shirts starting at $85
  • FREE alterations if a customer gains or loses weight within 1 year.
  • Fittings and consultations offered at both our two stores AND in your home or office at no extra charge.
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